Who pastors the pastor? Who shepherds the shepherd? Who leads the leader? 


These three questions inspired us to launch Kairos Partnerships in 2011 in order to serve pastors, church planters and kingdom leaders in their unique roles.

Leadership and ministry can be difficult and lonely. It is excruciating joy. We all experience significant moments that leave an idelible mark on our lives. These moments are kairos moments. For pastors and leaders, these moments are especially significant because they do more than simply impact us; they also impact the people around us as well.

Kairos is one of the Greek words for time, understood more in moments than in minutes. Kairos moments – either positive or negative – are moments of significance, pregnant with possibility, ripe for impact. How – and how well – kingdom leaders steward kairos moments determines the depth and level of influence for the sake of God and His kingdom.

Kairos Partnerships was created with the purpose to partner with and equip hungry kingdom leaders to help them steward kairos moments of life, leadership and ministry. Kairos Partnerships involves mission (church planting and new church initiatives) and revitalization (working with established churches seeking to remain on or return to focused mission).

Pastors and leaders have the difficult task of courageously guiding people and organizations into new places and directions, which carries significant opportunities and challenges. Our passion is coming alongside of leaders to see new things birthed in and through them for the purposes of the Kingdom of God.

But where can kingdom leaders go for guidance, perspective, challenge and equipping?

That’s why Kairos Partnerships exists.